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Monday, December 5, 2011

Reality TV Show Idea "Celebrity Beach House" Reality TV Concept

Reality TV Show Idea "Celebrity Beach House"
Launches Reality TV from Mission Beach Condo

Reality TV show ideas seem to come and go with many "vanilla"
scripts that may work but chances are better they may not since
there is no "spark". Take reality tv show idea concept writer
Sean Callahan and his SoCal Beaches Magazine network of
websites and beach videos and the "life behind the scenes" at
the beach condo and you have a reality tv set and script all
ready to go.

The goal of the "home made" reality tv show is to get A list
hollywood celebities to visit the San Diego beach condo and
"hang out" much like a "Waynes World" style reality show at
the beach. Check out some of the reality TV show videos and
blogs including ideas for other reality tv shows on television

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